Vietnam War Memorial

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Fri May 19 02:54:56 MDT 2000

The Vietnam War Victims Memorial

There are 58,209 names of U.S. citizens on the Vietnam Veterans Monument
in Washington, D.C. Since its unveiling, the list of names chiseled into
the stone has grown and continues to grow with the addition of those who
succumbed to war-related injuries and the discovery of the remains of

Over 2,000,000 Vietnamese were killed in the imperialist war that lasted
from 1954 to 1975, not including previous battles against the Japanese
occupation or subsequent casualties caused by the conflict (from wounds,
exposure to toxic chemicals, unexploded bombs, etc.).

2,000,000 divided by 58,209 equals  34.35894792901,
for an approximate ratio of 34 Vietnamese for every one (1) American
killed, i.e. 34:1.

The Vietnam Veterans Monument, known to some as The Wall, is really two
walls made of panels of black granite, each  246’8” in length.

To make a monument to the Vietnamese on the same scale as The Wall, we
would have to multiply the two segments of The Wall, which together add
up to  493’4”, by 34.35894792901, which would total  16938.961329’ +
11.452982643’ (i.e. 4” x 34.35894792901), or approximately 16950 feet,
that is approximately 2.9, or close to

         t h r e e   m i l e s.

Starting at the same place as the black Wall, a Vietnamese wall would
pass it and continue on across the Potomac River to the other side.
Maybe we should also consider adjusting the length of the Vietnamese
wall to reflect the relative impact of 2,000,000 casualties on a
population of 60,000,000 Vietnamese humans versus 58,000 on a population
of 250,000,000 American humans?

My observations are not intended to diminish the suffering of anyone on
any side of that horrible conflict.  A fair memorial to the Vietnam War
would include all casualties from the Vietnamese people as well as from
the American troops, Australian forces, and Canadian volunteers and
others who were affected by the hostilities. We might consider also the
great treasure wasted on war matériel, fuel, medical supplies, etc.,
that could have been spent saving rather than destroying lives.  A wall
might not be adequate for this task.  Maybe a window or a door.  The
people of the world need some opening through which will shine the light
that will show the way we can get it together.

A sculptor may have designed that black monument in Washington
but the forces of darkness centered there made it necessary.

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