SCMP on Current China Situation

ÁÎ×Ó¹â Henry C.K.Liu ¹ù¤l¥ú hliu at
Fri May 19 08:44:27 MDT 2000

The message: don't make waves at home while the authorities ae making waves in
the Taiwan Strait.

Henry C.K. Liu

Jay Moore wrote:

> Beijing urges calm on Chen
> South China Morning Post
> May 19, 2000
> Beijing has appealed to students and soldiers to remain calm if Taiwan
> president-elect Chen Shui-bian fails to declare support for the "one-China"
> principle in his inauguration speech tomorrow.
> A Communist Party source said yesterday the leadership had postponed a
> decision on whether to use force against Taiwan until the end of the year.
> But Beijing would step up its psychological warfare by staging war games
> along the coast if Mr Chen was seen as "going further and further away from
> the 'one-China' principle".
> The source said the party had sent a circular to campuses urging students
> not to demonstrate this weekend.
> "Have faith in central authorities' ability to solve the Taiwan problem," it
> said. "Stay in unison with the leadership at all times." Another message was
> relayed to the PLA rank and file telling them they must not be "impetuous"
> in dealing with Taiwan.

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