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Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Fri May 19 10:28:13 MDT 2000

Hi, all. I am in Browning, Montana with Long Standing Bear Chief and will be
returning to NYC on Monday. I am using webmail.com to check in on my mail
and feel a need to respond to this matter, since Bear Chief and I were
discussing it yesterday. Attacks on Indian rights stems from two sources
basically today. One is from the outright enemies in the corporate world who
want to rip off Indian land and mineral revenue. The other is their allies
in the academic world who write garbage like the "Ecological Indian" (which
as John Bellamy Foster put it should be titled the "Anti-Ecological Indian"
but nobody would have bought the fucking book.) They also write about
cannibalism among the Anisazis from a thousand years ago in order to prove
that the people who exterminated Indians were no worse than the people who
were exterminated. Finally, there is the Kennewick Man investigations, which
rely on the anthropological "genius" of a man who also has led
investigations into Yeti or "Bigfoot".

As far as Blackfoot ecology is concerned, Bear Chief can tell you that the
way the Bison was used disproves this. Every part of the animal  was used.
Even to this day the buffalo we have are used in the same way as they were
hundreds of thousands of years ago. Here are some of the uses: Horns made
into spoons, ribs made into children's sleds, shoulder blades used for hoes,
hide used to make the tipi, hooves and dew claws made into rattles and used
in ceremony. I could go on and you would be interested and amazed that no
part of the  animal was wasted.
I am, Long Standing Bear Chief.

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