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>      The definition of a warrior:
>          Ty spent his life in and out of the social
> services system  He had been through many foster homes,
> and was well know to the social workers on his reserve.
> He was the oldest of three kids, his little brother and
> younger sister were taken by the welfare agents many
> times too.
>           Two years ago he was home, and his mom and dad
> had been drinking again, three days this stretch.  He
> called in to his aunts house for food for the kids, and
> tried to keep the little ones occupied while his parents
> were on this bender, and was watching TV when the welfare
> workers drove up.  A neighbour who had had enough of the
> yelling and noise had reported the family again.
>      Ty took the kids to safety in the back of the house
> then he came and joined his mom.  His dad left when the
> social service workers came.
>      Ty heard what the social workers had said, they had
> demanded that the kids go into the foster home and were
> trying to convince Connie to let them out of the house.
>      Ty didn't want to go again.  He wanted his family to
> stay together.  He didn't mind the hunger, he put up with
> the drinking and the fights, because he loved his
> parents.  This time, Ty was determined not to help the
> social workers, and collect his brother and sister.  This
> time, instead, he went to where only he knew his dad had
> hidden his hunting rifle.  He loaded it deliberately and
> cocked it and gave it to his mom.
>      She pointed the gun at the tribal social workers and
> the tribal police officer, who immediately ran out of the
> house.  They called the RCMP in a nearby town
>      The Mountie was there in a few minutes, and called
> Connie out.  She stood on the porch of her home defiantly
> with her gun  at her side, and then when he moved she
> aimed at his car.  Ty knew the danger, and stood by his
> mom.
>      He had had enough.  He had had enough of the tribal
> social worker system, injustice at the hands of others
> and at the age of nine he made his stand for his family
> against a system that he knew was against him.
>      When the RCMP officer fired he killed Connie and Ty
> with one shotgun blast.  Later he claimed not to have
> seen the boy.
>      Today, the RCMP officer was cleared of any wrong
> doing in the death of Connie, and of nine year old
> warrior Ty Jacobs.

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