On the issue of "internal" discussions -- ISO/SWP opposition

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Fri May 19 15:35:02 MDT 2000

JGP> The comrades of a given group may be very good communists, indeed
JGP> excellent communists in every respect; but if Engels is right that
JGP> Communism is a *movement* then, by its very nature, these comrades
JGP> cannot be the only ones; why do we want to wall ourselves off from
JGP> the rest?

  Marx and Engels did not make public their sharp criticisms of the
Gotha programme or the letter on the necessary proletarian composition
of the party and the role of intellectuals ("Circular letter to Bebel,
Liebknecht, Bracke et.al", September 1879). They threatened to make it
public und thus proclaim their break with the German socialdemocratic
party, but they didn't. Neither did they wage a public polemic against
Ferdinand Lassalle and his "Allgemeiner Deutscher Arbeiterverein",
although they had the sharpest disagreements.

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