Fw: WORLD PETROLEUM CONGRESS (mobilizing van/vic)

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Fri May 19 21:18:51 MDT 2000

> as many of you may already know, plans are under way to converge on
> calgary and protest the world petroleum congress (see info below).
> it'd be great to get as many interested folks from vancouver/victoria area
> out there as possible.  so, in hopes of getting the ball rolling we're
> starting to see what interest there is and driving/ride possiblities.
> so if yer interested in going please send me (blain at tao.ca):
> * yer name
> * do you have a vehicle? (how many open seats?)
> * the dates you want to leave vancouver/leave calgary
> * do you have a drivers license? (what class - there may be the
> possibility of cheaply renting some big 12/14 seater vans)
> * yer email & phone number
> (even if yer already planning on going and have a ride it'd be good to let
> calgary folks know how many of us will be coming out)
> we'll set up a meeting in the near future to work out ride details and
> forming affinity groups etc...
> ***************************************************
> JUNE 8-11 DIRECT ACTION CONVERGENCE (community building and action
> planning)
> JUNE 9-11 COUNTER-CONFERENCE (widening people's choices: for a sustainable
> future)
> JUNE 11 MASS DEMONSTRATION (people's solidarity challenging the
> opening day of the wpc)
> JUNE 12 DAY OF ACTION (disrupt wpc anyway, anyhow)
> JUNE 13-15 CONTINUING DIRECT ACTION (time to get corporations where they
> like it least.  creativity encouraged)
> Join us in Calgary, Alberta, June 8-15, 2000 to expose and oppose the
> Global Oil Machine!
> The 16th World Petroleum Congress (WPC) is coming to Calgary June 11-15
> and this is a call to all people willing to stand up for peace, justice
> and a sustainable future to come to Calgary.
> The World Petroleum Congress is the global showcase of "the powerbrokers
> and potentates from the world's biggest industry."  Over 3000 delegates
> from over 80 countries are expected to be at the 16th Congress in Calgary.
> Oil industry executives, technical specialists, government representatives
> and international media are gathering under the theme of "Petroleum for
> Global Development: Networking people, business and technology to create
> value."  All over the world, people and the environment are suffering from
> their creation of 'value'.
> The WPC meets every three years.  The 53 member countries account for 89%
> of global oil production and 85% of global oil consumption.  This Congress
> will not be business as usual.  Join us in Calgary to create a people's
> agenda for real development:
> a) Multinational Oil Corporations are perpetrators of genocide and murder.
> Massive human rights abuses, especially against indigenous peoples, are
> implicit to the oil industry.
> b) Climate change is real.  Deforestation and global environmental
> degradation are real.  These are unavoidable consequences of oil
> production and consumption.
> c) There are alternatives.  Oil dependence for energy is not necessary.
> Corporations and governments have created this situation and the WPC is
> where they do it.
> EMAIL no_oil at tao.ca (www.tao.ca/~no_oil)
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