Question: Marxist Differentials??

soil_ride soilride at
Sat May 20 03:50:00 MDT 2000

Dear comrades,

After reading a number of books and some opinions I am still having a hard
time trying to define certain labelling in Marxism.
I am referring to such labels as being called Stalinist, Trotskyist,
Leninist, and Maoist.  I am sure they are others and but these are the most
prevalent of the labelings...

I know that such labels, are different aspects of Marxism by these
individuals, but I am trying hard to differentiate what makes one decide the
other is a Stalinist and the other a Maoist by their way of thinking?

After reading Richard Wright's book Black Boy he had joined the Communist
Party because he believed in the Party Decisions.  However after many
different arguments and turmoil in the Communist Party he withdrew.  On May
Day in which he was going to participate on the March people in the crowd
would yell out that he was Trotskyite.  They did not want nothing to do with
him.  However he never claimed to be Trotskyite or even have any knowledge
of Trotsky himself.  I also read a review of Richard Wright that stated that
even though he was "dissillusioned" with the Communist Party, he was to
remain a Marxist for the rest of his life.

I am also scratching my head about the "Maoist" label.  I know there was a
post about Maoism and it seemed like many people were against this way of
marxism and I can't figure out why.

Another question rises up, and these are just somethings that came across my
mind.  I listen to rage Against The Machine, the band that really got me
thinking about things i never thought before.  I heard someone call them
"Stalinist" in their way of thinking.  However when i look over the books in
their Evil Empire book cover and I see books like The Black Panthers Speak!
and I see that they were influence by Chairman Mao, wouldnt they be more
Maoist in their thinking?

What are the differences in such labels?  Well this is what is on my mind
and thank you for your time.

Power to the people,

"I will see my own blood flow before you take my land or my liberty."  -Zach
De La Rocha

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