Message from Michael Moore

soil_ride soilride at
Sat May 20 05:44:57 MDT 2000

I would like to say that reading this email post from Michael Moore really makes
me feel like someone out there really understands whats going on out there.  Not
from these politicians that tell us what is going on.  Not the corporate news
CNN and MSNBC and their propagandist view on how we should react to what is
going on.   I wasn't born during the 60's but its fires of protest and rebellion
run through me and rages.  Even after that tumultous time during the 60's I
believe an undercurrent of resistance is still fresh as before and was waiting
for others to pick it up.  I think it is being picked up now, after watching
Seattle and Washington.      Communism, when our school instructors taught us
anything about communism, it was always painted as a grave deadening boring
system of government.  I remember when I was in second grade that  people would
make coments like "If you think like that you must be russian"  I remeber once
asking my parents whats up with Russia?  They told me that Russian people were
not very friendly towards American people.  I remeber asking why? and they would
tell me "thats the way it is".  It just didnt seem right to me, it seemed
illogical.  Our instructors mentioned Karl Marx but only to refer he was the
father of a "disease called communism"  Unfortunately I too ate what they fed me
and I never questioned it.   After I look back at what kind of life that Ilved,
I realized this is what Camus and Kafka's were writing about in their novels
concerning existentialism.  I wasn't reading about it, I was living it.   Well
enough of my ramblings...thanks for postings I hope it will continue to inspire
other people such as myself! Power to the people!! soil ride  

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