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Sat May 20 06:13:24 MDT 2000


David Welch wrote:

> On Sat, 20 May 2000, Philip Ferguson wrote:
> > >
> > >"The success of the LSA poses the question of an electoral challenge
> > >to Blair at the next general election. We need to seriously discuss
> > >the possibilities of standing."
> > >
> > >Comment:  They lined up the troops for an all-out participation on
> > >the Socialist Alliances around the country. They talked about wiping
> > >out the SP and other "hostile" forces. The SWP leadership proposed
> > >and was accepted - with very few nominal opponents at the meeting -
> > >to launch a national campaign to send all available members inside
> > >existent SAs and into organizations such as the SSP (Scotland).  In
> > >those places where SAs do not exist, the membership has to launch
> > >them.  There is opposition to this plan, but few dared to speak up at
> > >the meeting. Some of us that this sudden shift would confuse many of
> > >our members and sympathisers.
> > >
> I don't share the SWP's upbeat perspectives or their enthusiasm for
> 'anti-capitalist' demonstrators. However the turn away from 'Vote Labour
> but...' is a very hopeful sign. This is an article from last week's Weekly
> Worker about the changes in the SWP's stance.

Yes, but the SWP's desire for left unity doesn't seem to be very genuine if
they're talking about "wiping out" the SP and other "hostile" forces. Kind of
like Napoleon's idea of European "unity" more than a genuine desire for a
united front of the left.


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