David Welch david.welch at
Sat May 20 06:43:48 MDT 2000

On Sat, 20 May 2000, Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote:
> Yes, but the SWP's desire for left unity doesn't seem to be very genuine if
> they're talking about "wiping out" the SP and other "hostile" forces. Kind of
> like Napoleon's idea of European "unity" more than a genuine desire for a
> united front of the left.
Hmm, I don't think its very credible that the SWP intends to wipe out the
SP physically. Electorally maybe, but then all the SP's electoral
successes (Ian Page in London, David Nellist in Coventry) have been
achieved by comrades sympathetic to the Socialist Alliances project. The
SP itself was rather confused over the LSA, I believe they allowed their
London membership a free vote in the elections.
   Perhaps the comment actually referred to the SLP, in the past the SWP
has been intimidated by the SLP standing a rival slate and withdrawn. If
they are going to take a tougher line on the SLP's sectarian antics then
it would be a welcome improvement.

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