Russia sends cruise missiles to China for new warships

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>   May 19, 2000
>  Russia sends cruise missiles to China for new warships
>                     By Bill Gertz
>                     THE WASHINGTON TIMES
>                          Russia recently delivered the first
>                     shipment of supersonic cruise missiles to
>                     China for a new missile destroyer and more
>                     of the weapons will be sent later this year,
>                     Pentagon officials said Thursday.

Mark Jones has been stating that Putin is the worst thing that can
happen to Russia. Out of respect for his deep involvement in Russian
life for years, and his knowledge of things Russian, I did not
contest his assertion. I, however, would qualify it in the sense that
if a Russian state of any kind is to exist, it will have to reassert
itself out of scrap, and that even this half-catatonic move is
dangerous for the West (thus, dialectically, interesting for us).
Since the days of the Yugoslavia war I have an idea that Russia and
China will have to strike an agreement which cannot but run against
American power on Eurasia.

Putin's first movements (speaking of an alliance with NATO, which
could not but be directed against China) made me think that Russia
was, really, in the worst hands, such as Mark had informed. But I
still keep some kind of hope in that I am wrong. These are important
news in this sense, as well as the backing that Russia gave (yes,
maybe just lip service, but even lip service is something these days)
to Yugoslavia recently.

Comments, please?

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