Russia sends cruise missiles to China for new warships

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I always trust Mark's assesment of Russia.   ThoughI would like to point out
that the arms transfer deal was worked out under Yeltsin.

Sino-Soviet rapprochement was taking shape during Gobachev's visit to China
which coinsided with the Tiananmen incident in 1989.  Theres are forces at work
that pushes Russia, China and India closer that are beyong ruling personalities.
  Geoplitics has been robbed of its idealogical content since the Cold War, but
geoploitics is not dead.
In my view, just as socialism gained political power within the geopolitics of
WWI and lost its way within the geopolitics of WWII, it will regain poitical
power against within the geopolitics of a multipolar world order.  What is
missing is a neo-marxism to cambat neoliberalism.  Ideological truth without
state power belong only to academia.  US hegemeny is the vehicle of
neoliberalism.  Any movement to resist and destroy US hegemony is progressive in
the current context.


Mark Jones wrote:

> I'm afraid, Nestor, that your hope about Putin is
> misplaced, and if this farcical replay of tragic events in your own country
> teaches anything, it is that we must learn
> to revisit the past and learn the lessons thereof, howver distasteful. The
> plain fact is that Putin (not, in any case a clever or learned man, but an
> entirely venial one who is already used to entertaining his
> entirely-unexpected ascent to power in absolutely infantile ways,for eg by
> piloting Sukhoi fighters or playing with the controls of nuclear-armed
> submarines, meanwhile missing his Kremlin engagements, to the despair of his
> oligarch-appointed minders - even Yeltsin was more responsible, because at
> least he mostly appeared at meetings, even if he took the trouble to get
> blotto first) -- is entirely a creature of the US govt, and his mind is
> managed by the US State Dept, albeit at several puppets removed.
> Comprador states exist to evacuate the contents of the ethno-geographic
> territory they circumscribe, and the role of Putin is to complete the
> hoovering-up of comprador-Russia just as Peron (sorry and all that)
> facilitated the vacuuming of Argentina.
> I always read with profound interest and eagerness the postings of Latin
> American comrades on these lists; but I do not feel qualified to comment,
> except in general terms. I feel that the same hesitancy need not apply in
> your case, since you have an almost tribal feeling about all-the-Russias. It
> is not in the spririt of teacher endowed with superior knowledge, but of
> fellow-lamentor, that I make these small observations. Russia is a dead
> place inhabited by (a) millions of ghosts and (b) thousands of US-sponsored
> utter monsters and goblins. It is a necropolis, not a country. It has no
> future and is rapidly interring its past (along with most of its citizens).
> Socialism or Death turned out to be a real choice in the case of the Union
> of Soviet Socialist republics. An interesting debate is going on on Pen-L
> about (inter alia) Soviet socialism. It is interesting ebcause it is a
> complete dialogue of the deaf taking place on the very roof of the
> All-Russian crematorium. Sad really.
> Mark Jones
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> > >   May 19, 2000
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> > >  Russia sends cruise missiles to China for new warships
> > >
> > >                     By Bill Gertz
> > >                     THE WASHINGTON TIMES
> > >
> > >
> > >                          Russia recently delivered the first
> > >                     shipment of supersonic cruise missiles to
> > >                     China for a new missile destroyer and more
> > >                     of the weapons will be sent later this year,
> > >                     Pentagon officials said Thursday.
> >
> > Mark Jones has been stating that Putin is the worst thing that can
> > happen to Russia. Out of respect for his deep involvement in Russian
> > life for years, and his knowledge of things Russian, I did not
> > contest his assertion. I, however, would qualify it in the sense that
> > if a Russian state of any kind is to exist, it will have to reassert
> > itself out of scrap, and that even this half-catatonic move is
> > dangerous for the West (thus, dialectically, interesting for us).
> > Since the days of the Yugoslavia war I have an idea that Russia and
> > China will have to strike an agreement which cannot but run against
> > American power on Eurasia.
> >
> > Putin's first movements (speaking of an alliance with NATO, which
> > could not but be directed against China) made me think that Russia
> > was, really, in the worst hands, such as Mark had informed. But I
> > still keep some kind of hope in that I am wrong. These are important
> > news in this sense, as well as the backing that Russia gave (yes,
> > maybe just lip service, but even lip service is something these days)
> > to Yugoslavia recently.
> >
> > Comments, please?
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