soil_ride soilride at
Sun May 21 02:43:18 MDT 2000

 I am not firm on new terms that i come across, so please bear with
me.   What is
>missing is a neo-marxism to cambat neoliberalism.    Wow.  I have only heard
once of this term.  neo-marxism.  I really dont know what to make of that i have
never really seen it in context accept here...   Neo-Marxism what exactly is
that and is it an entirely NEW MARXISM?  Maybe i should have a dictionary
ready...but doesnt neo- mean new, reformed?  Or is it in this sentence, a new
way of applying marxism against neoliberalism and hegemony?   Is it a new
movement by itself outside or within marxism or does it mean basically the same
thing as marxism?      

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