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Nestor G asked me to forward his response to my mailing to the Marxism List. I
will reply in due course.   Paul F   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   Dear
Cannot connect myself directly to the Marxmail list. Could you please forward
this critical comment by myself to something you wrote on Serbs outside Serbia
and political opposition to Milosevic? Thank you.
Paul F wrote,
I would be happy to help Serbian left-wingers who wished to oppose Milosevic's
government on a left-wing platform, just as much as I would be happy to help
left-wingers from any country who wanted to organise principled working-class
activity against 'their' government. I opposed Nato's war against Yugoslavia,
just as I opposed the Gulf War against Iraq. But I'm certainly not inclined to
support either the Iraqi dictatorship or the current government in Belgrade.
Néstor answers:
Dear Paul F, Paul M. himself has answered you on the note you comment. "And
the only question regarding the Milosevich government is: has it put up a good
fight or not", he wrote, thus delivering a one-line lesson on politics.
When under savage attack where the existence of an independent country as such
is at stake, this is the test of the pudding. No serious left-wing platform
will be supported in Yugoslavia (I refuse to speak of "Serbia", which is what
the Pentagon wants us to speak of) unless it gives a better answer to this
issue than the answer the (oh-so-loathsome?) Milosevic government is giving.
Left-wingers or right-wingers in the actual world are not read through their
great ideas on the organization of society, nor on the rights of the working
class to establish herself as the master of the universe, nor on the rights of
gays, women, indians, coloured people, or the disabled to be respected and to
enjoy full equality with other members of the society.
In fact, these ideas are just a prerrequisite which become senseless if ON THE
oppose the truly revolutionary path. This puts them, automatically, on the
side of counter-revolution and, what´s more, makes of them some of the worst
weapons our enemies can count on. What could be best for a Western strategist
in propaganda than finding some May Day Red of excellent credentials fight
against Milo on a host of important but, for the time being, secondary issues,
AND denounce him during the war that Milo (not the Leftist) is waging as a
traitor, a reactionary, and so on?
The problem is not a problem of "inclinations", it is a problem of concrete
politics. Politics is ALWAYS politics on ONE CENTRAL CONTRADICTION, the
contradiction which shapes the whole totality of the situation --thus, every
social corner of human life. In cases such as that of Yugoslavia or Iraq, the
contradiction is brutally expressed by war. Whatever our personal musings on
Milosevic, the fact is that he led a war, he got Yugoslavia through it, he
kept the country together against the West, and nobody that I know is or was
in a situation to do things better on that front. The only
"more-leftist-than-Milo" I will accept as a true leftist and not a chatterbox
is that who, on the concrete issue of Western aggression, can give a better
answer than him.
And this, because a "better" answer would imply further mobilization of the
Yugoslavian peoples, class propaganda on the multitudes in the West, and -in
the end- to spark revolutions all over the Balkans, to begin with. Because a
"better" answer implies, by definition, a step ahead on the road to socialism.
No truly better answer, however, can begin by saying "Milo is a rogue, but I
will support Yugoslavia against the West". It would say something like "Milo
is fighting, and that is OK, but we can outdo him. In order to win this war we
must not only..."  and so, and so.
In my opinion, anything else is childish parroting of good will sermons
delivered in a tiny white church somewhere in the countryside at, say,
Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky
Dirección de Estadísticas del Sector Primario
Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos
Tel.: (0541) 349-9728

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