KCNA: US Missile defence system

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U.S. moves to establish "missile defence" system

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary
denounces the United States for
refusing to drop its stand on its nuclear development and moves to
establish a "missile defence" system, though it is
censured and condemned for it worldwide with a UN conference to reexamine
the "nuclear non-proliferation treaty" as
a momentum.
    The DPRK cannot but take a serious note of desperate moves of the U.S.
to stifle the DPRK by force of arms
under the pretext of its "missile threat," the commentary says, and
    The U.S. seeks to realize its wild ambition to militarily stifle the
DPRK by deploying new types of sophisticated
strategic weapons in its mainland and northeast Asia under that pretext and
strengthening its military and strategic
position there.
    Its immediate aim is to contain its potential rivals and big powers and
establish its unchallenged domination over
the Asia-Pacific region.
    These moves of the U.S. cannot but spark a new arms race, a missile
race. The U.S. loudmouthed "missile threat"
from the DPRK is aimed at justifying its moves to establish the "missile
defence" system.
    And the U.S. is working hard to establish this system by amending the
"anti-ballistic missile treaty" through a
bargaining with a country. The U.S. only seeks to draw water to its mill at
the expense of others.
    If the U.S. persists in its moves to establish the criminal "missile
defence" system at the DPRK's expense under
the pretext of its "missile threat," the situation will get more
    Those, who try to use the DPRK's "missile issue" as a bargaining chip
in dealing with the U.S., are well advised
to come to themselves.
    Independence is vital to the DPRK. It is the DPRK's will and consistent
principle to respond to a dialogue with a
dialogue and counter force with force.

U.S. schemes to cover up truth about mass killings

    Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) - A spokesman for the U.S. Defense Department
on Friday announced that the
"U.S. military investigation team" decided to lengthen the time of probing
the truth behind the mass killings in
Rogun-ri, South Korea, which had been initially scheduled to be completed
by June 25, according to a radio report
from Seoul.
    He said that through interviews with over 100 people, the
"investigation team" came to "believe that something
tragic happened in Rogun-ri at the outset of the war."
    However, it has been decided to prolong the period of investigation
because of "conflicting testimonies" made by
U.S. war veterans and South Korean survivors of killings at that time, he
said ambiguously.
    The announcement came right after a statement of AP refuting the false
report of the U.S. newspaper Stars and
Stripes intended to falsify the truth about the mass killings by the U.S.
aggression forces in Rogun-ri.
    It shows how desperately the U.S. is working to cover up the truth
behind the case.
    The U.S. had set as many as eight months for this investigation in a
bid to cover up the truth behind the mass
killings. They are now talking about the "prolongation of the investigation
time" without defining its limit. This is, in
essence, nothing but a cunning trick to keep their crimes buried into
oblivion for ever.

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