L-I: Cultural imperialists in Argentina

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at SPAMinea.com.ar
Sun May 21 08:44:38 MDT 2000

Dear comrades,

This may look like a minor issue, a side subject in our lists.

However, cultural domination is part and parcel of imperialism, and
in some places it is one of its mainstays. Argentina is, certainly,
one such place. The strength of cultural imperialism and pedagogic
colonization on our middle classes has always been one of the most
important assets of imperialism against our national liberation.
"Pedagogic colonization"  is a term coined by the German imperialist

Now, in a clear display of colonization of the mind, the Secretary of
Culture of Argentina, a middle aged po-mo by name Darío Lopérfido,
has decided to dissolve the National Tango Orchestra. This measure
points to further dillution of Argentinian culture into a tasteless
and odorless "global" culture.

Lopérfido is consistent, though with "high words", with the
imperialist manager of CBS, Ricardo Mejías, who decided to substitute
canned "tropical" music for tango during the early 60s. In agreement
with the gusano Goar Mestre, who became a czar of Argentinian media
by the same time under the auspices of the hydrophobic gorilla
military clique and the pro-American positions of President Frondizi,
Mejías imposed on us what came to be known as the "nueva ola", a wave
of musical rubbish and commercial trash which debased our popular
culture to a level of silly stupidity that had never been imagined
before. Lopérfido, now, tries to attack the "music of the past", that
is, the music of the country that was ruled out of existence in 1976.
This is absolutely reasonable in a country where high-school students
(not to speak of elementary school children!) are drilled into a
version of history that begins in 1976!

In fact, this is the reaction of a "globalized" intellectual against
the timidly determined attempt by our young generations to recontact
their own cultural roots. And I must state something important here:

Though I love good tango, I am not a "tango fundamentalist" at all.
In fact, I am part of a generation that generated the only grassroots
Spanish spoken blues culture, the Buenos Aires blues / rock culture
of the late 60s. But we are now told that this is the _only_ way of
expression officially sponsored for Argentinians, precisely at a
moment when our "national rock" bands begin to perform traditional
Argentinian songs on stage, mix with old tango singers as Alberto
Castillo, and introduce clear messages of revolutionary nationalism
in their lyrics.

So that, just for list members to know the lengths that IMF sponsored
policies are taken here, and for the unbelievers to gauge the deeply
ingrained hatred for their own country that the De la Rúa government
harbors, I am forwarding this declaration by the President of the
Union of Music Composers of Argentina to the lists.

------- Forwarded message follows -------

Declaración del maestro Rolando Mañanes, presidente de Compositores
Argentinos Asociados:

"Con motivo de la disolución de nuestra Orquesta Nacional de Tango
'Juan de Dios Filiberto', que hasta hoy dirigió el naestro y
compositor Osvaldo Piro, levantamos nuestra voz de enérgica protesta.
Ésta es una muestra más de la irresponsable conducta de Darío
Lopérfido, quien, por lo visto, está empeñado en destruir la gran
tradición cultural de nuestra Nación.

Comprometemos nuestro esfuerzo para frenar tanto daño que, desde los
propios despachos oficiales, cae sobre los argentinos amantes de la
música y de la cultura nacional.

Buenos Aires, 19 de mayo del 2000.

Maestro Rolando Mañanes
       Compositor - Director Musical

Pte. de Compositores Arg.
      Miembro del Consejo Arg. de la Música

Miembro del Foro Arg. de Compositores
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Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at inea.com.ar

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