Posting: Revolutionary Suicide

soil_ride soilride at
Mon May 22 00:21:54 MDT 2000

Dear comrades, Here is a posting that I came across and its author is a newly
aflamed and passionate soul.   I talked to him a couple of times and his words
speak like fire to me... His nickname under the posting is NewAfrikanPanther...
If anyone is wondering what he means by revolution- well he just beginning to
read Frantz Fanon now and has read The Black panther books...most of what he
could find anyways...
any thoughts?
    I was just wondering, how many of you people here re truly ready to give up
your life to the revolution, to die for the people? I see so much intelligence
(and otherwise) talk go on here, but how many of you are REALLY prepared to die
for the cause? In essence, how many of you are ready to commit suicide. I have
no dobt the revolution will succeed, but I also have no doubt that I will die in
it. Are you all ready to rally under a common cause and not become factionalized
by small arguements? I hope so. As a black man, committing revolutionary suicide
is a lot easier for me than it may be for a white person, I have a LOT less to
sacrifice. This whole system is set to exploit and murder my people, but for you
white people, this system...the Amerikkkan empire is built to comfort you. Are
you willing to move out of that comfort and give up all you could possibly
achieve in the capitalist world for the downtrodden peoples of the Earth? The
Revolutionary Communist Party has a good phrase I think you should all think
about "I used to be a white american, but I gave that up to be a revolutionary."
Are you people ready to give it up?

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