Korean War: The Last 50 Years

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Korean War: The Last 50 Years
Film Series at UCLA Film and Television Archive, UCI Film and Video
Center, and Korean Cultural Center - Los Angeles
May 30 - June 10, 2000

Tuesday May 30   7:30 p.m.  UCLA
The Marines Who Never Returned
South Korea, 1963
Directed by Yi Man-hui
110 min.
The film chronicles the harrowing experiences of a marine platoon
fighting in the Korean War.
(Repeat screening: Saturday, June 10, KCC)

South Korea, 1999
Directed by Kang Jegyu
124 min.
Spy-thriller about a South Korean secret agent who must make a stark
choice between national interest and personal interest.

Saturday, June 3  7:30 p. m.  UCLA
The Uprising
South Korea, 1999 (U.S. Premiere)
100 min.
Directed by Park Kwang-su (in attendance at screening)
Cheju Island, 1901.  Peasants on the island at the southern tip of the
Korean peninsula have risen up against the local Catholics and French

To The Starry Island
South Korea, 1994
102 min.
Directed by Park Kwang-su
The island's residents are still haunted by the painful memory of
wartime betrayal and red-baiting.  The island is a metaphor for the
psychic toll wrought by the Korean War.
(repeat screenings: Saturday, June 4  7 p.m., UCI & Thursday, June 8,
7 p.m., KCC)

Sunday June 4   4 p.m.   UCI
The Man With Three Coffins
South Korea, 1987
87 min.
Directed by Yi Chang-ho
Evoking modern Korea's fragmented and migratory national history -
one forever trapped on the road - the film discloses an old, dying
man's wish to visit his hometown.
(repeat screening: Friday, June 9  7 p.m., KCC)

Tuesday, June 6   7:30 p.m.   UCLA
The Stray Bullet
South Korea, 1961
106 min.
Directed by Yu Hyon-mok
Set in the years immediately after the end of the Korean War, the
film dramatizes postwar anxieties and pessimism by focusing on an
economically desperate family.

Spring In My Hometown
South Korea, 1998
120 min.
Directed by Lee Kwang-mo
The tender story of two friends during the last year of the Korean
War.  Increasingly as the war encroaches on their families in
different ways, the youngsters find their own paths diverging.

Special Events
Friday, June 2  12-1:30 p.m. & 4-5:30 p. m.
Bruce Cumings: Revising the Korean War

Saturday, June 3
Park Kwang-su: New Korean Cinema

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