On the issue of "internal" discussions -- ISO/SWP opposition

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>>It is not just "the cops and the sparts". It is the pressure of the
bourgeois society as a whole which bears heavily on a small group. As
you state in the beginning of your original message, as a voluntary
group it has all the right to conduct their discussions internally.
And I would like to leave it at that and let each group or party
decide their own internal regime, based on what they consider
necessary to achieve their goals.<<


I'm not sure that the instinct of small revolutionary groups to wall
themselves off from the pressure of bourgeois society as a whole is a
helathy one.

There is a very substantial body of examples to show that such an attitude
often accompanies the most outlandish political theories and activities
imaginable. I do not believe the two are unrelated.

The issue for is not whether these groups have a "right" to conduct their
internal affairs as they see fit, but what is the best way for such groups
to handle their affairs, from a Marxist point of view.

The fact that Marx and Engels CHOSE not to take up the issues raised in the
critique of the Gotha Programme more broadly right then has to do with how
they related to the German social-democratic party and its leadership, and
not with the relationship between the party and the class, which is the one
I'm addressing.


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Dear José,

JGP> I do not believe the examples you cite at all make the point that,
JGP> as a rule, workers' parties should have all their major political
JGP> discussions internally.

   If you go back and reread my previous message, you will find that I
did not want to establish some general rule, but on the contrary,
simply cite some actions by Marx and Engels which contradict the
general rule you wanted to deduct from their earlier writings.

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