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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #406
                                May 24, 2000
                           Australia's radical weekly

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


PM John Howard claims to support ``practical reconciliation'', yet his
government has decimated Abstudy funding and refuses to apologise to, let
alone compensate, the stolen generations. GLW examines the consequences.


 * Compensate the stolen generations!
 * Dismantling Abstudy: the Coalition's `practical reconciliation'


 * FIJI: Behind the attempted coup
 * SOUTH AFRICA: Students killed at uni protest
 * SOUTH AFRICA: Land reform blocked
 * BRITAIN: London Socialist Alliance campaign an `astounding success'
 * INDONESIA: No troop withdrawal in Aceh `peace accord'
 * ACEH: a history of repression and resistance
 * INDONESIA: Texmaco black-lists strike leaders
 * INDONESIA: Discrimination against ethnic Chinese
 * INDONESIA: The movement for people's art and culture
 * UNITED STATES: Driving while black
 * UNITED STATES: Pressure grows to lift blockade against Cuba
 * VIETNAM: Revolutionary dies
 * IRELAND: Another breakthrough, another breakdown
 * PALESTINE: Six dead, hundreds wounded as negotiations continue
 * INDIA/PAKISTAN: Cruel borders
 * INDIA: General strike a success
 * CHINA: Sino-US trade deal will cement capitalist restoration
 * NOAM CHOMSKY: The capitalist `principle' and Third World debt
 * CZECH REPUBLIC: Communist Party's velvet return


 * The suicide of New Left Review by Boris Kagarlitsky
 * Timorese: we're being forced to leave Australia


 * Be part of the solution
 * Real solutions needed to reduce drug-use harm
 * Dishonest advertising
 * Networker: The bubble is still to burst
 * Big business and the farm crisis


 * Government `generates anti-refugee feeling'
 * Student death highlights campus safety problems
 * Solidarity with refugees
 * Heat still on at Bondi Beach
 * Queensland's national parks under-funded
 * Reith helps bosses fight pattern bargaining
 * Strong militant showing in AMWU elections
 * Strikes disrupt government's tax plans
 * Queensland teachers to strike
 * Northern Rivers mobilises against racism
 * Tasmanian students rally
 * Support for teachers urged
 * New England students occupy `underhanded' university
 * Fighting corporate terrorism
 * Action updates
 * SA dump battle turns into `nuclear war'
 * Care residents to be hit by GST
 * Cuts would devastate La Trobe University
 * Food irradiation plant planned in Queensland
 * Easter forest camp destroyed
 * Cuban women's tour


 * White House buys TV's loyalty in `war on drugs'
 * Stolen
 * The revolution will be live
 * The Olympic Boycott Song (in three movements)
 * Poem: For a teacher in a remote area
 * Jaybee's cartoon


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