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Tue May 23 08:42:28 MDT 2000

All Marxism must be appropriately based on the circumstances in each
country and era.

various labels usually evolve when a tendency to follow a particular
overseas experience as distinguished from an indigenous communism, emerges.

A frequent axis along which the -isms fall out is the degree of
sectarianism, separation, vanguardism, etc revolutionary organisations
believe is necessary, in their locality, compared to the Chartist model
Marx and Engels had high hopes for in Westminster-based capitalist countries.

In general I am loathed to waste much time with the '-isms'. Trotskyism,
Stalinism, Leninism, Maoism, are concepts of the past. In the West, eg
Australia, they all represent some form of sectarian development that is
not appropriate Marxism as represented by the Communist manifesto.

Chris Warren

On Fri, 19 May 2000, "soil_ride" wrote:
> Dear comrades,
> After reading a number of books and some opinions I am still having a
> time trying to define certain labelling in Marxism.
> I am referring to such labels as being called Stalinist, Trotskyist,

Louis Proyect

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