New Styles in Neck Wear Terror

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Tue May 23 14:45:43 MDT 2000

Anthony informs us:

“At 12:30 PM Tuesday, Ana Elvia Cortés López had her head blown off of
her shoulders by a sophisticated collar-bomb which a military bomb
expert was trying to defuse.  The bomb expert was also killed…

“According to bomb experts, the bomb had a light sensitive trigger
within it to thwart any efforts to disarm it. This was probably what set
the device off when the military bomb expert tried to dismantle it.

“Estimates of the cost of this bomb here run into the thousands of

We must agree with Anthony that the Colombian military is overly
opportunistic in its hair-trigger charge that the FARC is responsible
for this outrageous atrocity.  On the weak side we should ask: “Why the
FARC in particular?  Is not the ELN more notable for its use of
explosives?”  However, I think there is no question from our quarter
here in the US red left that high-tech decapitation is a leftist
tactic.   Anthony posits that the expense of the collar bomb and the
history of FARC combat policies precludes their culpability in this
particular episode.  Until we have actual evidence, Anthony’s suggestion
appears far more probable than the military’s instant accusation.

Not only the history of the FARC and the left in Latin American
liberation struggles should be examined to give us clues to cause.  A
glance at the history of imperialist repression only further weights the
case more in support of Anthony’s hypothesis.  The “right” forces of
capital have a particularly odious practice that now seems to have been
updated.  That exploding collar bomb looks like the 21st century

The corbata (necktie) has been a favourite terror weapon of anti-left
forces for decades.  It is awful.  A butcher cuts the victim’s throat
and pulls the tongue out through the wound so that it dangles down the
front of the chest.  If executed properly, the convulsive victim can
take a while before death releases them from their ferocious horror.
Apparently the executioners can find this performance quite amusing.
For those unfortunates who later discover the dead body, the necktied
contorted corpse also presents an unbelievable monstrosity.  It may be
effective in making potential troublemakers think twice before raising a
ruckus against the authorities.

I have read instances of the corbata’s utilization in Guatemala,
Nicaragua and Colombia but it is always perpetrated by the right.  I
have seen no examples of left forces taking to such abominations.  (Not
even the Sendero Luminoso).

Furthermore, the recent case of paramilitary forces masquerading in FARC
uniforms while terrorizing the countryside lends one to suspect a
consistent development of what might be ascertained as a campaign of
misinformation by propaganda of nefarious deeds.

If successful, the incrimination of the FARC for this act will plough
more ground in preparation for a military coup (as certain as the coming
of the seasons) whereupon the harvest of the evil FARC can be reaped
without any silly, weak human rights sissies muddling things up.  The
FARC has been planted in its territorial strongholds, that is: probably
more effectively targeted through the sites of US satellite technology
for US war technology.  On top of the drug war and excited by the
cuckholded media, Pentagon expenditures appear more justified while the
military-industrial complex is enriched and the capitalist class
fortified.  And the masses crushed … unless there is more solidarity and
resolve in their defense.

What are the differences between the FARC and the ELN?

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