FARC-EP Colombia: the brutal murder of Mrs. Elvia Cortes Gil

red-rebel red-rebel at SPAMsupanet.com
Tue May 23 15:30:27 MDT 2000

> Addressed to the Communications Media of Colombia
>  We of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army
>  categorically  condemn the brutal murder of Mrs. Elvia Cortes Gil, which
>  occurred in the hamlet of La Palestina, municipality of Chiquinquira,
>  We explicitly deny that any member of our organization committed this
>  deed and as such demand the correction of the report that attributes
>  this action to us.
>  We once more put before the country the necessity for the right to
>  freedom
>  of expression and to information, but, above all, the right that the
>  society
>  has to genuine and socially responsible information.
>  Concerning this event in particular, we believe that when journalists
>  inform
>  they must have the obligation to insure the veracity of the events,
>  based on
>  vigorous investigation.  They must scrupulously differentiate their
>  personal
>  opinion on the news item in order to avoid confusion or, in this case,
>  to
>  give voice to the enemies of peace.
>  It is totally irresponsible to allow a rumour to become the declared
>  version
>  of the events, especially in the present context where the interest of a
>  people that wants to build a country with social justice must come first.
>  Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army
>  Mountains of Colombia,
>  May 16, 2000.

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