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This week's edition of THE OTHER FRONT is on line, covering:

* The SLA Has Totally Disintegrated Khiam Prisoners Liberated (see below)

* The Eight Martyrs of the Nakba and Prisoners Demonstrations

* The Funeral of Abu Sari'a: Mourning the Situation in Its Entirety

*  West Bank Sees Intense Violence in the Nakba Week

* Schedule of the Upcoming Solidarity Events (see below)

* On Lebanon: The Israeli Vicious Cycle That is Terrorism, Children of the
War, From the Hizbollah Website - Cartoons

* The Radicalization of the Palestinians in Israel

* Another Detainee Held by the PA: Dr. Abed El-Satar Qassem Still in Prison

* One More Bypass Road on Its Way

* Free Mordechai Vanunu

* In Short

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Early afternoon, Tuesday May 23, masses of Lebanese, seemingly from the
areas surrounding Khiam, arrived in the Khiam Detention Camp only to find
that it had been deserted by the South Lebanon Army militia guarding it.
They entered the camp and freed the 140 detainees held in the camp infamous
for the torture committed against the prisoners.

Though in the past few weeks tens of SLA members have defected, it was on
Tuesday May 23 that Israel's proxy militia totally disintegrated.

Responding to Barak's announcement that the withdrawal will take place
within the next ten days, they abandoned their various posts and ran to the
border. Approximately 2500 arrived to Israel's northern border seeking
asylum, leaving their cars and possessions on the Lebanese side and
flooding the Metulla crossing. As of yet, about 1000 have been moved to a
camp set up for them in the Galilee, more specifically in the East Tiberias
area in dispute between Israel and Syria.

Meanwhile, celebrations of the SLA disintegration and Israeli withdrawal,
the freedom of the prisoners, and the achievements of the Hizbollah echo
way beyond the Lebanese borders.

Israel continues to occupy the Sheb'a Farms, refusing to withdraw under the
claim that it is Syrian territory and will be within the framework of an
agreement with Syria. Hizbollah assures that without the complete
withdrawal of Israel from the occupied Lebanese land, including the Farms,
Hizbollah will continue its fight.

 The dramatic events were an example of two important facts: That the big
and powerful Israeli army was not at all ready for the events and in no way
predicted such a scenario. Also, it was another reminder of the
"unreliability" of mercenaries—the SLA in this case—who were nothing more
than petty criminals who committed heinous crimes.

Issa Qaraqa, head of the Palestinian Prisoners' Society, said in a press
conference on May 22 in Bethlehem, that the popular protest movement will
continue so long as the prisoners are continuing their hunger strike. "We
and the National and Islamic Central Committee in solidarity with the
detainees call for mass participation so long as the hunger strike

Qaraqa demanded that those in the Israeli army who used unjustified force
against demonstrators be brought to trial. He also demanded that the
Palestinian leadership not sign a framework agreement for the final status
with the Israelis until the prisoners are released.

Attorney Allegra Pacheco said that the health situation of the prisoners in
Hadarim is deteriorating."Currently, the prisoners are drinking milk but if
their demands will not be fulfilled by the end of the month they will be
drinking only water," she said.

As part of the Palestinian Authority's policy to prevent further
disturbances, they did not allow the local Palestinian newspapers to
publish the latest schedule of protest.

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, May 23
A. Dedication of one school class, in all the schools, to teach the
students about the prisoners' hunger strike and their struggle for
liberation / Invitation of student delegations from all the schools to
visit the solidarity tents.

B. Collective visits to the graves of the martyrs of the Prisoners Intifada
and the wounded in the various hospitals.

Wednesday, May 24
Massive public demonstrations launched at 1:00PM from the solidarity tents
all over the country.

Thursday, May 25
Scouts' Marches all over the country / Invitation to the children of
Palestine to light candles in their homes at 9PM in solidarity with the

Friday, May 26
Public marches will launch from the mosques after the noon prayer / Call on
the Imams in the mosques to dedicate the sermons to the issue of prisoners.

The above schedule, which was distributed at the press conference, calls on
the demonstrators not to use arms.

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