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I visited the site, Lou

Amazing to visit a place with so many of one's enemies camped there.  What
astonishes me is that some of them are still members of what has become Ian
Rintoul's mad sect. There has to be some element of masochism which keeps
these intellectuals in an organisation which so is blatantly anti-intellectual.

But then ISO intellectuals are a breed apart.  They work from different
protocols. For myself I have never forgotten O'Lincoln trying to discourage
me from reading Althusser and pouring scorn over my recommendation that
members should read Olim Wright's book on class.  But the workerism of ISO
has always made that kind of anti-intellectualism not only possible but
also de rigeur.



At 10:19  23/05/00 -0400, you wrote:
>You must think me very opportunistic :-) for advertising sites on your list
>without subscribing. So let me say again that it's a great list, I'm just
>too snowed under with other stuff (Indonesia especially) and unable to
>consistently read the debates on the Marxism list, so I use the archived
>Anyway, we have a new site called "Marxist Interventions" and would be
>grateful if you'd let your readers know.
>The site contains Marxist theoretical work on Austraia, presented in
>(hopefully) popular and readable form. There is also an Asia-Pacific
>section. The current contents are shown below, but it will also be
>considerably expanded over time.
>regards, Tom
>Here's the link:
>Aborigines: Struggle, Gender
>Women: Suffrage, Equal pay
>Unions: Our first unions, Canberra riot 1996
>Vietnam anti-war movement: Workers, The left
>Other Australian: Race riots, Think tanks, Whitlam sacking, Australian
>Asia-Pacific: Philippines, India, Thailand, Indonesia/Timor
>Resources: Booknotes, Marxist journals, 19th Century bibliography, Who's
>who on the site, Links
>Louis Proyect
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