Serbia Closes NATO Media

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Tue May 23 21:55:13 MDT 2000

NATO Media In Serbia Closed
by Andrej Tisma
Writing from Serbia (5-18-00) [emporers-clothes]

I don't understand how can anybody have an illusion that media paid by NATO
(U. S. A. State Department) can be "independent" and "free". Those media are
just instruments in the proven NATO hegemonism, interventionism and
fabrication of conflicts. One of the first things NATO did for
"democratization" of media in Yugoslavia was the bombing of state TV and
radio stations and transmitters, while the Western media were all visible in
"totalitarian" Yugoslavia.

The Yugoslav "independent" and "free" media are openly sponsored by NATO and
just transmitted the NATO propaganda before and during the bombing of
Yugoslavia. They broadcasted uncritically the Jamie Shea type of lies,
disinformation and propaganda, the same lies we could see in CNN, BBC, Sky
News, Free Europe etc. They shamelessly broadcast NATO threats before the
bombing aiming to induce panic in our people and Army. Also during the
bombing they gave false numbers of casualties and effects of bombing. Do you
still remember the "free", "independent" and "truthful" information about
100,000 killed Albanian civilians, about "Racak massacre", about 200
destroyed Serb tanks, etc.? By repeating this stuff, the "free" Yugoslav
media took part in the NATO aggression. But they were still left in existence
by the Yugoslav "authoritarian" regime till now.

Now when those media started to call on Yugoslav people for an "uprising",
"armed resistance", killing of democratically elected state leaders and
violent change of political system, they had to be shut down. Everything is
clear if we know that Studio B was led by the Serbian Renewal Movement and
its leader Vuk Draskovic, who after the criminal and disastrous bombing of
Yugoslavia kissed the bloody hands of Madeleine Albright. NATO couldn't
conquer Serbia militarily, and it wants now to destroy it from inside,
through such instrumental mercenaries. It is obvious that the call for
uprising by Draskovic and Studio B is the continuation of NATO aggression on
Serbia and its system, and that Studio B and other likely "free" media were
just NATO's instruments to provoke inner conflicts and civil war in Serbia.
That is why they had to be shut down. They were shut down according to
Yugoslav Constitution, where nobody has right to call publicly for violence
and civil war, and no media can transmit such a call uncritically and
repeatedly from day to day, as Studio B did. AT


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