Info on CIA, Latin American Protestantism

Juan R. Fajardo fajardos at
Tue May 23 22:50:25 MDT 2000

NACLA did an entire issue of their Report on the Americas on the matter
of evangelical protestantism in Latin America in the late '80s.  Might
be worth a look into it for further leads.

However, you may find that there as less cooperation that one might
assume.  A lot of the contacts may have been no more than that and not
embodied in any formal agreements or joint projects, but rather a matter
of the heads of the "American community" in a given country meeting at
dinners and functions, exchanging visits, and passing bits of info to
one another, smoothing over roadblocks in the way of each other's paths,
etc.  Picture, for example, a situation in which, say, the Summer
Language Institute, comes under criticism during a wave of
anti-imperialist leftwing agitation.  For their own safety and out of
concern (and ideological abjuration of the left) the SLI chiefs pass on
concerns and info to the embassy, which passes on up to the State
Department and to the CIA station chief.  The SLI gets a visit from the
local prefect who promises protection, but can you tell us more about
those who have been harrassing you? The SLI cooperates with the forces
of law and order and feels safer.  The CIA gets info it needs, and the
local cops get "their man".   In such a situation, has anything ocurred
that could be said to constitute "links between the
Central Intelligence Agency and Protestant Evangelicals"? Perhaps not in
so many words.

I think that this sort of thing happened more often than not and thus
such links would be difficult to document because even the participants
may not have viewed them as constituting such.

- Juan

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