UAW to support Nader?

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Wed May 24 12:57:40 MDT 2000

CONTACT:  United Auto Workers International Union

Statement by UAW President Stephen P. Yokich: UAW Will Explore Alternatives
to Major Party Presidential Candidates

WASHINGTON - May 23 - President Clinton and Vice President Gore hail the
U.S.-China agreement on WTO accession "a hundred percent win" for America
that will increase U.S. exports to China and create jobs for American
workers. Nice words, but they made the very same claims for NAFTA. They
were wrong then, and they are wrong now.

On this issue of critical importance to working people - one that could
cost hundreds of thousands of American workers their jobs - President
Clinton and Vice President Gore once again have sided with multinational
corporations against workers here and abroad.

Over the past weeks, proponents of giving China PNTR have portrayed the
same multinational corporations who today are exploiting the Chinese
government's well-documented brutal repression of basic human and workers'
rights to fatten profits as the champions for a more free and open Chinese
society. Meanwhile, the labor movement's insistence that the Chinese
government demonstrate progress on human and workers' rights before the
U.S. Congress permanently gives up its power of annual review is dismissed
as selfish, myopic, and worse.

We are deeply disappointed that Vice President Gore has failed to speak out
against these cynical attacks on the labor movement and our partners in
this fight. Instead, he has tried to have it both ways on China PNTR. One
moment, presidential candidate Gore is telling the labor movement that he
believes human rights, workers' rights, and environmental protections
should be included in core trade agreements; the next, Vice President Gore
is holding hands with the profiteers of the world and singing the praises
of the U.S.-China WTO accession agreement while lobbying for PNTR for
China. And, obviously, we cannot turn to Republican candidate George W.
Bush; his positions on issues of concern to working families are far worse.

America's working families need and deserve a president they can count on
to stand with them on their tough issues, not just the easy ones. That's
why we have no choice but to actively explore alternatives to the two major
political parties. It's time to forget about party labels and instead focus
on supporting candidates, such as Ralph Nader, who will take a stand based
on what is right, not what big money dictates. Supporting those who support
us is our political agenda, not just a slogan.

Louis Proyect

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