more on road-rage Ken

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> James, I have the settled impression that it is you who reprsents 'the
> forces of unreconstructed
>  bolshevism', not Ken.

Aye, and proud of it ;o)

> Your honest rejection of hypocrisy is a fine and wonderful thing, but
> face it, James, you can't wander around heath and heather like Rob Roy at
> Hogmanay all your life, being holier-than-the-rest-of-us. At some point
> have to connect up with the real world your working class brothers and
> sisters live in. Telling them that Westminster is a sham is Ladybird
> politics and if you ever dare say it to a real worker in a  real Glasgow
> bar on Friday night, they tell you to fuck off, don't they? And rightly
> Mark Jones

You obviously haven't spent much time in Glasgow recently then?
(like in the last twenty years or so)



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