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>  even shams connect with reality to some extent

> Bourgheois democracy is a form of mass, organised hypocrisy, true, but even
> hypocrisy has some things going for it. ...hypocrisy
> is ... tacit ackowledgement that something is wrong, and tacit
> recognition that rights exist even in the non-observance. It
> acknowledges a space for resistance and struggle. ... This is why,
> we marxists, starting with Marx, on the whole assess the French
> Enlightenment to be a Good Thing even though we mostly always
> understood, especially since Marx pointed it out, that this was just
> an exercise in mass hypocrisy by the ascendant bourgeois

Yes, Mark, I bear witness of what you exposed above. The political
experience of Argentina offers a wonderful example in this sense.
During most of the 20th. Century Argentinians have had to struggle to
be able to live under a regime of hypocritical bourgeois democracy.

We had a few moments when this worked: 1912-1930, 1945-1955, and
(albeit in a particularly deformed way) 1983-2000. One of the most
repugnant consequences of the 1955 coup was that an entire
generation, mine, forgot that politics was also a struggle for ideas.
Violence from above helped divert popular rage and a dedicated
intelligentsia to a suicidal mockery of "armed struggle" which left
most of us on the "battlefields" of a stupid masquerade of "freedom
fighters" who derided politics.

Thus, without any massive exercise in the hypocrisy of bourgeois
politics, it was all too easy to impose a colonial democracy (fueled
by Meg Thatcher's men of war, not so much by the resistence of
Argentinians, that is why it is colonial from the very beginning)
where we are caught unarmed. The whole task of reeducating ourselves
to do politics in a "normally bourgeois" environment is, believe me,
one of our greatest hindrances in our current situation.

And yes, I cannot believe that there are places in this world where
policemen are  not burglars themselves or are not in agreement with
burglars. I would advise whoever wants to experience this beautiful
emotion of being robbed by a policeman working after hours to come to
civilized Buenos Aires, and make the wrong decission as to which taxi
to take. It happened to me, they caught me unawares and it was too
late afterwards.

The problem with hypocritical, actual, bourgeois democracy, is that
it forces revolutionaries to think politically, not morally. Thus, it
prepares the conditions for its own superation, etc.

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