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>>  a real worker

> I suggest phrases such as this are to be avoided.

Which is just what red-rebel thinks, when he says have I been to Glasgow
(the 'European city of culture' has lost its rustbelt, i.e., no more
shipbuiilding or metal bashing, no more workers etc, is his drift).

I am not sure where James lives, I seem to recollect it's that other city of
culture, Edinburgh. Be that as it may, I have been to Glasgow, more than
once. Last time I was there (5 years ago) it was still possible to see quite
normal, sane looking people come off the streets into bars, drink half a
dozen pints of heavy with whisky chasers in about 15 minutes and then get
stuck in the revolving doors on the way out. But I agree, it's a nice
cleaned up post-industrial town now. But if that's red-rebel's point - there
are no workers left in Glasgow - then I'm even more mystified about why he


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