U.S. Imperialism Explained by Sec. Cohen

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Thu May 25 12:40:46 MDT 2000

Cohen: No 'Superpower Fatigue'
Secretary Says U.S. Military Presence Promotes Stability

By Stephen Trimble
Military.com Staff Writer

WASHINGTON (May 24, 2000) -- Defense Secretary William Cohen, rebutting
recent critiques of U.S. foreign policy, vowed to preserve the military's
strong presence overseas.

Addressing a U.S. Chamber of Commerce crowd here, Cohen said other countries
are starting to ask whether U.S. leaders are showing signs of "superpower
fatigue." That is, some critics claim that 50 years of bearing worldwide
leadership have begun to weaken the government's resolve abroad.

For example, some lawmakers threatened to order U.S. troops to withdraw from
peacekeeping efforts in Kosovo by next July, defying Cohen's claims that
troops may be needed there for years longer.

But Cohen reminded the audience that 100,000 U.S. troops remain stationed in
Europe and an equal number stands guard in Asia, including nearly 40,000
soldiers in South Korea. Another roughly 25,000 troops stand watch in the
Persian Gulf region, he said.

"Does this sound like a nation suffering from superpower fatigue?" he asked.
"We cannot rest on our laurels and, indeed, our lasers."

Cohen also cited an economic reason for maintaining America's superpower

"Business follows the flag," he said. "Where there is stability and
security, there is likely to be investment."

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