South Lebanon

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Pause for astonishment,,, and contemplation:
> last night "ABC-News with Peter Jennings" (Wed., 24 May, 2000)
> displayed some interesting images:
> news footage of celebrants [!] in south Lebanon showed
> two scenes in which I saw, among expected yellow Hezb'Allah flags
> --an unexpected yet familiar big, red banner with a gold
> hammer-and-sickle.
>   I've seen estimates that up to a third of the Hizbollah fighters are
Palestinians from the refugee camps and that most of these are affiliated with
the marxist PFLP or the more nationalist PFLP-GC.  The techies responsible for
the Kaytusha rockets were originally all PFLP and many are still.  The few
russian tanks used by Hizbollah in recent days were reportedly provided and
manned by PFLP-GC.    Barak's recent letter to the UN expressed concern that Syria
would now provide military and logistical assistance to the PFLP and PFLP-GC for
use as a guerilla force against Israel's northern border in order to force
Israel to surrender all of the Golan Heights. Syria will probably only use these
forces tactically and for its own opportunistic ends, but the consequeces of
such an alliance can still have progressive effects.  I hope Barak's fears
become reality.   The most important lesson in all this is that Israel is
neither militarily or politically invincible. The recognition of this fact can
only make Arafat look more and more like the bantustan capo he is.   Sean Noonan
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