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Fish farms mushroom

    Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- Fish farms are mushrooming in different
parts of the DPRK.
    Fish farms covering at least 3,250 hectares were newly built or
reconstructed in the last nearly five months of the
year, according to data available from the fish farm management bureau of
the Ministry of Fisheries.
    This has created an additional capacity to breed fishes.
    Every city and county aims to build fish farms covering 20-30 hectares.
    Fish farms with an area of some 20 hectares were built in Sijung
county, Jagang Province, to suit the features of
the mountain area around lake Sijung.
    Fish farms covering 20-30 hectares made their appearance in Haeju city,
Ongjin, Unchon and Anak counties and
other cities and counties of South Hwanghae Province.
    Breed-fish grounds for tropical catfish were built in Samchon, Songhwa
and Pongchon counties, where hot
springs are available, to open up a good prospect for raising tropical
    The construction of fish farms is now under way in cities and counties
in north hwanghae province, where spring
water can be harnessed to breed rainbow trout.
    Nampho and cities and counties in North Phyongan Province, north and
south Hamgyong provinces and
Kangwon Province are successfully pushing forward new fish farm projects,
while making an effective use of the
existing fish farms.

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