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Fri May 26 12:43:08 MDT 2000

Dear Jay!

Thanks for the message.  Actually there's more up on the Democratic
website now.  Maybe you can use some of it.  There's even a bit from George
Habash's resignation speech from the recent 6th Congress of the PFLP (1st
round) held at the end of April, early May in Damascus.  (Check for that
News and Views).  (Maybe that needs an independent entry on the menu; I have
to think about that.)


In the last couple days I threw up all kinds of stuff on Lebanon including a
few pictures -- I'm trying to improve the graphics side of things.  It's the
website's "cover story" right now.  Most of these are culled from the
media, so their perspective is not necessarily revolutionary, but since all
Lebanese including the government support the armed resistance there was
considerable unanimity here.  Also, of course, I gravitated to the stories
the masses liberating places -- notably the Khiyam prison camp.  That was
fantastic!  500 villagers just stormed the place and the puppet soldiers
panicked, jumped into vehicles and fled.  That was on the 23rd.  The
South Lebanon Army that Israel had armed, trained, and run for 20+ years
melted at the sight of caravans of Lebanese heading home!  At the same time,
though, the guerrillas kept the pressure on with armed attacks too, but the
SLA just collapsed in village after village at the sight of returning

A regular source for material from Lebanon is the (bourgeois) Daily Star


You mentioned that you've visited the official Hizb Allah website.  If
the Hizballah.org one, there's not much there.  If you haven't yet, check
the Manar TV site.  That's Hizb Allah's own TV station run in south Lebanon.
They have daily news bulletins in Arabic, English, and Hebrew.  They tend to
be rather dry, but their immediacy and authenticity can't be out done.

I haven't had time really to do much about the demos in Palestine.  All have
been about the prisoners.  Some 1600 remain in Israeli jails.  Basically
what's going on, I think, is that Arafat is negotiating some sort of final
settlement with the Zionists.  It was just disclosed a few days ago (just
before Lebanon took centre stage) that Arafat was holding secret talks with
the Zionists in Stockholm -- just like Oslo.  When this came out, Arafat's
regular negotiator resigned.  He had been at Oslo but said this was
and he couldn't negotiate if there were other more authoritiative
going on behind his back.

And not only behind HIS back.  Everybody wonders what Arafat will be
to.  Realise that the final status talks are supposed to deal with really
vital issues.  The prisoners are one issue that Israel has not addressed,
since they are supposed to be freed but haven't been.  The right of return
another element on the agenda for the final status talks that I don't think
possibly can be settled:  Israel is no way going to let 4 or 5 million
Palestinians into Israel.  When one dovish Knesset member called for letting
100,000 Palestinians back as part of a final settlement, it set of a fire

So what are they doing at these negotiations?  We already know that Arafat's
demand for Jerusalem is being met with the Israelis agreeing to hand over a
little suburb called Abu Dis which Arafat can call "Jerusalem", but Barak
only do this if Arafat shows he can control the Palestinians who are
demonstrating for the freedom of the prisoners.  So to get this crumb he
be even more abject.

Now contrast all this with the images of liberated Lebanon.  Lots of people
are saying that the Lebanese alternative has much more promise, that Lebanon
can be a kind of "yeast" in the Arab movement (Clovis Maqsoud in "as-Safir"


Obviously you can clik on the "news" item to get links to their latest
reports. I haven't looked around to see what else they have but they are
more informative than any other Hizb Allah site I've seen.

Thanks for the forwarded message too.  The flag with the gold hammer and
sickle was most likely the flag of the Communist party of Lebanon.  They
very big in the armed resistance when it got started years ago, then as we
know a lot happend around 1990 on the world level too and they cut back.
launching armed operations was top on the agenda of the CPL's last congress
couple years ago (I think) and they've been back in the field for months
So that's what explains that flag.  The PFLP-GC is still under arms and
they've been bombed a few times in the last few months by the Zionists.  I
wish the PFLP were still doing operations, but I don't think they are,
although as our Democratic Palestine website reported Habash had several
meetings with Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlas in recent months, so, who

It's good to hear about A-16 and Vieques.  Hit the enemy everywhere we can,


Abu Nasr

"Jay Moore" <research at neravt.com> wrote:
Hi Abu,

Sorry not to have responded sooner!  Yes, I was at A-16 -- and had a great
time.  I'm also heavily involved in the movement supporting the people in
Vieques, Puerto Rico (where I had the good fortune to visit back in March).

Thanks for the article.  I'm reading it -- although there seems to be a
problem with it running off the right of the screen.

What have you got on the current situation in South Lebanon?  I'd like to
put together a few links.  (I've seen the official Hizbollah Web site.)
Also, what's happening with this new intifadah (if that's what it is) on the
occupied territories?  I haven't yet seen any left analysis.  What have you
got, or what do you know about?

best wishes,

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