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Sun May 28 04:43:18 MDT 2000

On Sat, 27 May 2000 08:24:09 -0700 "Daniel O'Connell"
<dpoconnell at> writes:

> I would eagerly welcome some substantive discussion of Sartre as a
> Marxist (though I'll have to hold off for a week or so while I
> finish up a paper I'm working on, the deadline for which is June 5.)
> Where would you want to start? I haven't read "The Critique of
> Dialectical Reason" all the way through, but we might start with his
> early article in Les Temps Modernes called (if I remember rightly)
> "Marxism and Materialism" or something like that. I'll look up the
> reference on that at the library this afternoon.

That would seem to me to be a good starting point since that seems
to have been one of his first sustained discussions of Marxism
(outside of some brief comments in *Being and Nothingness*).
I suppose we might also want then want to proceed to his
*In Search of a Method* in which he expanded on his criticisms
of dialectical materialism and outlined an alternative conception
of Marxist philosophy.  Then perhaps to the *Critique of
Dialectical Reason*.

> If there is to be a discussion, I think it might help to get it off
> the ground if we either looked at a specific passage in his work or
> posed a very pointed question that could be answered by reference to
> his writings and speeches. What did you have in mind as a starting
> point, Jim? Could you be more specific?
> Daniel
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