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First, I wasnt trying to deny the role of the LCP in the struggle against
Israel.  Contrary to the thrust of your post I was under the impression that
relations between the LCP and PFLP (sorry for the earlier typo) were quite good. 
Isnt Habashs (PFLP leader) daughter married to Hawys (LCP leader) son?

Second, the PFLP have been officially a Marxist-Leninist party since their
inception in 1967, which was influenced by the success of the Yemeni Popular
Front for the Liberation of Yemen in the late 60s.  A Marxist cadre school was
started by the PFLP in Jordan in 1969. The PFLP reaffirmed their Marxist
orientation at the 6th party conference this spring. Also, Kanafanys history of
the 1936-1939 Palestinian Revolution is explicitly Marxist class analysis. 

See:  for excerpts from PFLP
official literature declaring a clearly Marxist perspective. 

The Palestinian Communist Party which dissolved in 1991, rejected Marxism and
reconstituted as a social democratic Peoples Party, The Palestine Communist
Party was always been a rump of the Israeli Communist Party. The PCP never took
up arms against Israel and advocated a (racist and sectarian) two state solution
to the Arab-Israeli conflict.  In contrast the PFLP have always called for a
single multiethnic, secular socialist state in all of Palestine.  The PFLP have
claimed to be Marxist since their inception and have been a force against
Imperialism for thirty years.  So why do you say the PFLP are not Marxist?

Third, I am limited to English language sources but the massacre of PCP members
by HAMAS or Islamic Jihad is news to me. Can you suggest some sources in English
where I can read more about this?  I know HAMAS has skirmished with Fatah and
PFLP in the past but I am unaware of any outright massacres. Most of the
massacres of Palestinians I am aware of are of refugees at the hands of Israel,
Jordan, Syria, Maronite and Amal militias in Lebanon.  The conditions for
Palestinian refugees are terrible all over, but are worst in Lebanon where
350,000 refugees are prohibited by law from taking jobs in many fields, are not
allowed to construct permanent buildings or, in some cases, even mark graves.

As far as the weaponry goes the bit about PFLP-GC using tanks came from the
Israeli Harets newspaper that indicated that the tanks were of Soviet type and
supplied to PFLP-GC by Syria.  Although I am under no illusions about the
intentions and interests of Assad, the Bath party or Syria I dont really have a
problem with groups who oppose Israel forming tactical alliances with Assad to
further the cause.  Though not true and ultimate communist progressiveness, the
defeat of Israel in Lebanon is intrinsically good for the people of Southern
Lebanon and does have progressive effects in the region as a whole, irrespective
of Syrias, the Bath party or Assads own aspirations.  In my view it would be
great if the PFLP and or PFLP-GC can get weapons and logistics from Syria and
start a guerilla campaign against Israel.  Arafat is losing legitimacy by the
day and the recognition that so-called peace is just another name for apartheid
is growing.  A renewed Intifadah inside the occupied territories in tandem with
a guerilla campaign from the North would put enormous pressure on Israel.

Finally, a few words from David Ben-Gurion, describing Zionist aims in Lebanon
from 1948:

"A Christian state should be established [in Lebanon], with its southern border
on the Litani river. We will make an alliance with it. When we smash the Arab
Legion's strength and bomb Amman, we will eliminate Transjordan too, and then
Syria will fall. If Egypt still dares to fight on, we shall bomb Port Said,
Alexandria and Cairo. In this fashion, we will end the war and settle our
forefathers' account with Egypt, Assyria, and Aram"

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Sevag writes:


The truth about the "hammer and the sickle" in south lebanon.

    The red flags seen in the celebrations in the south lebanon were carried by
the members and the fighters of the Lebanese Communist Party. The LCP has been
fighting or "resisting" the Israeli occupation before even hizbollah started to.
Mainly and truly, the justification is the imperialist zionist expansion for
more than 22 years on the Lebanese territory. Their arms are mainly provided by
Syria, which got the weapons in the 80s from USSR. Actually the weapons were
sent to the CPL, but the Syrian regime took everything and as a central planner
distributes weapons to all the fighters of different ideological and national
groups in the south.

    The PLFP, assumbly the popular front for the liberation of palestine? is not
in essence Communist. The Communist party of Palestine whose members were
massacred by the HAMAS and Jihad,. the 2 radical Islamist palestinian parties
are really weak. The tanks i think are not Palestinian, they are Russian from
Syria. Actually Syria and the Ba'th party are the reason why the LCP and other
communist movemnts in general are so marginalized today. The history of the area
shows how this "socialist" pan-Arab movements and parties actually cracked down
on communists from the fear of their radicalism! I don't know the actual formula
of the Palestinians in Lebanon, but I am 100% sure that the ones who if a
gueriila war will fight are the pro-syrian ones. Which are definitely a mosiac
group with different members of different political affiliations. Even if there
are communists within the PFLP, (which i don't think there is) they will be only
a small part or individual communists and not a communist movement.

    Syria today is following the western model of political and economic
liberliazation, there will be no alliance with the Communist progressivness nor
any implementation of any ideas borrowd from Communism.



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