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The NZ wing of the IST, as I have written before, is the Socialist Workers
Organisation, previously a hardcore Stalinist outfit, which went from
Moscow to Peking to Tirana, and then, overnight in 1994, declared in favour
of TonyCliffThought.

An interesting indication of the membership standards of the SWO is the way
in which people in and around this formerly (some people have doubts about
how much has changed) Stalinist group have been carrying out a hate and
death threat campaign in relation to Wellington gay figure and left
activist Bill Logan.

SWO supporter Scott Hamilton, using the email facility of then-SWO member
(and current Auckland University Students Association international
vice-president) Miriam Bellard sent a number of abusive and threatening
emails to Logan.  Bellard later pretended it was all not very serious and
continued for months to allow Hamilton to use her email facility for
abusive and threatening, indeed positively demented emails.  Anyway, here's
one from Hamilton using Bellard's name and email address:

>>From: Miriam <mbellard at>
>>X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.05 [en] (Win95; I)
>>MIME-Version: 1.0
>>To: ibt at
>>Subject: Bill Logan has a mince pie nose
>>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
>>Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
>>Logan you fat fuck. Fucked any preschoolers
>>lately, you stinking poof? People like you
>>mate...well, we wouldn't have tolerated them in
>>the 40s, back in my day. There was this
>>foreman...never mind, that's another story. Peter
>>is gpoing to finish you with his SAS knife, then
>>we are going to disembowl you and leave you in the
>>mangroves down back and for millions of lucky
>>insects it's a a - gonna be PAAAARTY time!
>>Kill yourself Bill. Do it today.

A while back, Hamilton took exception to some article in 'revolution' - not
even written by me, but never mind that - and, in the space of three days,
emailed me personally *five* abusive and offensive (and, eventually,
foul-mouthed) emails.  He then had a break for a few weeks, emailed me two
more, and another one today.  Several of these, he used Miriam Bellard's
email address again.

On the IST list, Bellard tried to pretend that the emails, like that above,
to Logan, were a bit of a joke, dashed off when Hamilton was drunk - which
would suggest, by the amount of times he emails crazed stuff, that he would
have to be drunk rather a lot!  Bellard has only just left the SWO, but was
a member at the time the worst hate mail was sent to Logan.  Both her and
Hamilton are still SWO supporters.

In his most recent email to me, again using Bellard's name and address,
Hamilton suggested I 'sleep with one eye open'.  When I responded, I got an
email back from Bellard herself, saying:

>Neither Scott nor I are members of the SWO.
>Scott has agreed to no longer send you e-mails from my address (I don't
>care what he does from his)

An insight into the world of the Cliff tendency in New Zealand!

Philip Ferguson

Louis Proyect
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