L-I: KCNA: On US arms build up.

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KCNA on U.S. arms buildup

Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- The U.S. magazine Aviation Week and Space
Technology recently reported that the United States deployed two new type
of strategic bombers B-1 capable of carrying nuclear bombs at the U.S. air
force base in South Korea, a new move to perfect its strategy for air raids
on the DPRK in "contingency". According to the magazine, the U.S. has
already laid down an "order for the air force to fulfil its mission" which
calls for hurling the U.S. troops in Japan into South Korea the moment a
new war breaks out in Korea and ordered the U.S. air force in South Korea
to intensify its drills. This is an irrefutable proof that the U.S. is the
very one responsible for increasing tensions, displeased with the climate
created for a dialogue for peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula.
This move disclosed the U.S. intention to use nuclear weapons without
hesitation on the Korean peninsula. It is aimed to further escalate the
political and military tensions on the Korean peninsula in a bid to chill
the climate for the north-south dialogue. This means that the U.S.
disavowed the DPRK-U.S. agreed framework in which it promised not to make
any nuclear threat and nuclear attack on the other side, thus self-exposing
that its talk about peace and dialogue is no more than hypocrisy. Its wild
design to dominate the world by force of arms remains unchanged and its
"policy of strength" is becoming more undisguised. The U.S. should bear in
mind that it will be held entirely accountable for the consequences to be
entailed by its reckless arms buildup. The U.S. is well advised to behave
itself, clearly understanding the DPRK's will to counter "strength" with

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