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Sun May 28 16:07:43 MDT 2000

>     I found this very interesting article on the Communist Party of Great
> Britain site. I'd appreciate it if people in Britain could fill me in on
> just who/what the CPGB represents.

The CPGB (Provisional Central Committee) are one of the fragments of the
old Stalinist-reformist CPGB. They started out as a faction within the
youth section of the New Communist Party (a more hardline Stalinist split
from the CPGB) before moving to the "official" CP.

There the faction organised around the journal "The Leninist". They
represented the extreme left of the party, fighting the eurocommunist
leadership and the theoretically barren Stalinist-reformists. Unlike most
of the Stalinists (who ran off to form the Communist Party of Britain), the
"Leninist" faction stayed in the party arguing against liquidation. When
the eurocommunists finally managed to wind up the party, they insisted on
keeping the name.

Nowadays they publish the "Weekly Worker" and are distinguished by three

1) Their quest for regroupment on the left (at present manifesting itself
in extremely enthusiastic support for the Socialist Alliance project).

2) Their obsession with open debate.

3) Their belief that the other left organisations are appallingly
economistic and wrongly leave the field of "high politics" (constitutional
matters, abolishing the monarchy etc) to our class opponents.

Apologies if I've misrepresented them somewhere. I'm not a member of the
CPGB, though I do have some sympathy for some of their positions.

Is mise le meas,
Brian Cahill

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