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Sun May 28 17:39:44 MDT 2000

The obvious point here is that the 'IST' and its various organisations will
recruit and accept anybody as a member as long as it is another name on the
membership list, regardless of their politics or personal views. Anyway,
Cahill is wrong saying the IST shouldn't be held responsible for this
character; They should have made sure he was ok before he joined their
organisation. Instead, anyone can join them whoever they are.


> From: mmcdon <mmcdon at>
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> Subject: Re: Forwarded from Phil Ferguson
> Date: 28 May 2000 19:41
> > An interesting indication of the membership standards of the SWO is the
> way
> > in which people in and around this formerly (some people have doubts
> about
> > how much has changed) Stalinist group have been carrying out a hate and
> > death threat campaign in relation to Wellington gay figure and left
> > activist Bill Logan.
> >
> > SWO supporter Scott Hamilton, using the email facility of then-SWO
> > (and current Auckland University Students Association international
> > vice-president) Miriam Bellard sent a number of abusive and threatening
> > emails to Logan.  Bellard later pretended it was all not very serious
> > continued for months to allow Hamilton to use her email facility for
> > abusive and threatening, indeed positively demented emails.  Anyway,
> here's
> > one from Hamilton using Bellard's name and email address:
> [snip]
> Bellard has only just left the SWO, but was
> > a member at the time the worst hate mail was sent to Logan.  Both her
> > Hamilton are still SWO supporters.
> >
> > In his most recent email to me, again using Bellard's name and address,
> > Hamilton suggested I 'sleep with one eye open'.  When I responded, I
> an
> > email back from Bellard herself, saying:
> >
> > >Ferguson.
> > >
> > >Neither Scott nor I are members of the SWO.
> > >
> > >Scott has agreed to no longer send you e-mails from my address (I
> > >care what he does from his)
> >
> >
> > An insight into the world of the Cliff tendency in New Zealand!
> Fascinating. Now does somebody want to explain what exactly this is
> supposed to tell us about the SWO or the IST in general? Somebody who
> describes himself as an SWO supporter sends somebody else abusive and
> homophobic email. That doesn't exactly reflect credit on his wit,
> or human decency, to be sure, but what does it have to do with the "Cliff
> tendency"?
> I'm not a member or a supporter of the IST, but I don't see how anybody
> hold them responsible for the actions of this gobshite. It's not that the
> IST is unpopular amongst sectarians and political dropouts which amazes
> it's more the depth of the loathing which is startling. Any stick to beat
> dog, eh?
> Is mise le meas,
> Brian Cahill

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