Juan R. Fajardo fajardos at SPAMix.netcom.com
Sun May 28 22:30:03 MDT 2000

"Jose G. Perez" wrote:
> Yo meester Fajardo,
>     Who gives a fuck how many votes Fujimori and his henchmen claim he got?
>     ...
>     Anyone counting these votes or publicizing them is obviously in the
> pocket of "el chino."
> Jose

Mira, Joselito, look not at what Chinochet got, but at what he did not

> "Alberto Fujimori ----- 49.8 percent of the total vote
> Alejandro Toledo ----- 16.6 percent of the total vote
> Null ballots ----- 29.6 percent of the total vote
> Blank ballots ----- 3.8 percent of the total vote
> Disputed votes ----- 0.2 percent of the total vote"

For one thing, by this count, he did not get a majority, in other words
his popularity did not rise from the first round figures, themselves
widely suspected of being inflated in his favor.  Furthermore, 33.4% of
the votes were invalid or blank, and much of the country as little as
half of the electorate turned out -- and that in a country where voting
is mandatory.

To take this further, later, semi-official, figures reported by Radio
Programas del Peru on-line, put Fujimori's count at above 51% of the
valid votes cast, but also the count for Toledo in the mid-30% range.
The spoilt and blank ballots are reported at a lower % than the figures
noted above.

Now, taking the void and blank ballots, and adding them to Toledo's vote
count, the figure approaches 50% and maybe surpasses it.  Of course it
can be argued that the gov't counted all those votes as spoilt and blank
in order to rig the election in favor of the candidato-presidente, but
the picture starts to look less rosy for Fujimori when it is noted that
the void, blank, and Toledo vote % added together come out to roughly
what polls were predicting as Toledo's %, which is significant as Toledo
had called on the people to cast spoilt or blank ballots as a sign of
rejection of the second round of voting.

So, either way, Fujimori is in the hot seat.  Either the elections were
relatively clean, which is not inconceivable, and reflect a clear
rejection of his candidacy and a denial of a mandate by the voters.  Or,
the elections were tampered with --likely, but not necessarily a given--
and by producing figures which precisely match what his opponent was
calling on voters to do as a sign of rejection and deligitimation of him
and his election, he and his cronies have thrown grease into the fire at
their feet.

Now, where will all that go?  Who knows?  Toledo himself is no leftist,
and seems to be just as neo-liberal as Fujimori, and along with him, in
the wings, are the old political sector of rich and important
industrialist, banking, and political families who prospered under
Belaunde and even Garcia, but have been pushed to the side in Fujimori's
court.  After all, who spoke first at Toledo's rally tonight, but none
other than former military dictator Morales Bermudez!

Of course, José, this may all give you a headache, but it is of interest
to me, millions of other Peruvians, and I suspect others on this list,
who don't follow the Stalinist and MacCarthyite (strange bedfellows,
indeed!) view that to explain or report on something is tantamout to
supporting it.

- Juan

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