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> Two years ago, the Grand Ole' Party chose Philadelphia as the location for
> their (salt rubbing in society's wounds) convention.  One has to wonder what
> the fuck they were thinking.  Apparently they didn't do their homework
> because the years of racism, governmental and police corruption, and poverty
> endured by Philadelphians has implanted a collective fury so fierce that the
> pretty prancing of the ruling elite through our city is liable to make it
> explode  If they think they can come to OUR town to "play" Democracy on
> T.V., while they suckle from the teat of their corporate masters, they are
> in for a treat that, two years ago, they never would have imagined possible.
> With the growing momentum attained from the massive Direct Actions in
> Seattle and Washington D.C., Philly activists are gearing up to mobilize
> thousands of people to participate in glamorous acts of civil disobedience
> that will bring this city to its knees.  The call has been put out to
> activists all over the world to join us this summer as we plant the seeds for
> an egalitarian, revolutionary movement.  The thousands of Republican
> delegates coming into Philly this summer give us an opportunity to put
> forward a challenge to the corporate impearialism and the domestic tyranny
> that rule both the Democratic and Republican party agenda.  It is becoming
> all too clear that the two party system is rotten to the core and the whole
> fucking thing needs to be torn down. If we want any say in our lives, we
> must stand up and fucking fight for it.  Participatory democracy is not
> going to fall into our laps.  Come to Philly as soon as you can and help us
> organize!!!
>         Since February of this year, the Philadelphia Direct Action Group
> (P-DAG)
> has been holding meetings in preparation for the creative disruption of the
> 2000 Republican National Convention.  The group meets every other Wednesday,
> at the Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street.  The P-DAG meetings are open to
> anyone interested in being a part of mass nonviolent civil disobedience
> during the week of the convention (July 31 - August 3).  These meetings are
> a great place to plug into smaller more specific working groups to help
> organize and plan everything from strategy and logistics to fundraising and
> legal support.  The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 31- come and
> represent!
>  At the last P-DAG meeting it was agreed upon to join the Continental Direct
> Action Network (C-DAN), the coalition of activists from across the U.S. and
> Canada that worked together to coordinate the shutdown of the WTO
> Ministerial Summit in Seattle and the mass actions during the IMF and
> Worldbank meetings this past April in D.C.  Being part of the C-DAN will
> help mobilize our large numbers more easily, allow us to share resources,
> and keep us organized for future nonviolent direct actions as well as
> further spreading the idea of radical visionary politics.
> The Philadelphia Direct Action Group and the Continental Direct Action
> Network are also united in embracing the Principles of Unity (as inspired by
> and derived from those of the People's Global Action), which are as follows:
> 1.  A rejection of neo-liberal politics and institutions which promote
> socially and environmentally destructive globalization
> 2.  A confrontational attitude toward undemocratic organizations in which
> capital is the only real policy maker.
> 3.  A call to nonviolent* direct action and civil disobedience and the
> construction of local alternatives by local people as answers to the actions
> of governments and corporations
> (* most agree that the term "violence" requires an animate object)
> 4.  An organizational philosophy based on decentralization, direct
> democracy, and local autonomy
> 5.  A rejection of all forms of oppression and exploitation such as
> patriarchy, white supremacy, and imperialism.
> 6.  A commitment to working in solidarity locally and internationally to
> build a popular movement for radical social change and global justice
> For more information on C-DAN, its mission, and its structures, check out
> their website at <www.directactionnetwork.org>
>         As P-DAG's vision for this summer's nonviolent direct actions
> surrounding
> the Republican National Convention becomes clearer, working groups have
> begun to identify specific areas that need attention now:
> -Affinity groups that have already formed and persons or groups interested
> in squatting actions around the Philly during   the convention during the
> convention need to get in touch with P-DAG to coordinate actions
> -Volunteers are needed for:
> -food preparation and transport
> -water transport and distribution (to help dehydrated   protesters)
> -medics
> -bike affinity groups
> - to fix hundreds of bicycles
> -The logistics working group has put together a list of what you should
> bring to Philly:
> -bedding
> -empty water bottles
> -your own cutlery (spoon and fork...or SPORK!)
> -sun protection (WARNING: the petroleum base of sunblock traps tear
> gas in
> the skin and increases  irritation)
> -bike/lock (if you can)
> -BIKE LOCK! (if you plan on borrowing a bike)
> -cell phone
> -medical supplies
> -camera
> -flashlight
> -hygiene stuff (I.E. toilet paper)
> -July 24 wil kick off a week long convergence of activists in
> Philly leading up to the convention.  Activities include trainings,
> workshops, prop-making, legal protests and hot dates with Philly activists
> to fill those long summer nights.
> The two-party system does not represent the people and every oppressed,
> disenchanted, and ignored voice needs to come together to shout, "Enough!".
> This summer is your chance to feel the halting force and beauty of the
> "power of the people".
> BIKE FIXERS: People urgently needed between now and the time of the
> convention to repair hundreds of bikes. if you can help even a little,. call
> 1-888-364-4931
> What do you know about the inner workings at the convention? Where is what
> happening? Parties, meetings, hotel rooms, caterers, contractors, escort
> services, press conferences, appearances... Tell all!
> Call now! PDAG 215-574-7883
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