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Tue May 30 00:31:11 MDT 2000

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>Why is the SWP so fixated on Bill Logan?

You mean the SWO.

In fairness to them, I wouldn't say they are fixated on Logan.  But they
describe their involvement in the attempt to have him denied a counselling
permit, sacked from voluntary work, and hounded in the media - none of
which was achieved, thankfully - as a "public safety campaign".  I would
describe it as an attempt to start a dangerous moral panic and set Logan up
for state persecution.  You have to remember that this organisation used to
be the CPNZ, a group which only stopped worshipping Stalin and Enver Hoxha
around 1993-94, *after* the implosion in eastern Europe.

As far as I know, they have recently left Logan in peace, although the
description of the anti-Logan campaign as a "public safety campaign" was
made only yesterday by SWO national organiser Grant Morgan in an email to
me and to the leaders of three left-wing groups in NZ.  The fact that they
have distanced themselves from the hate mail sent by one of their members,
one of the ones involved in this "public safety campaign", and declared
that if he hadn't have resigned the national committee meeting last weekend
would have expelled him anyway is a step forward.  But I think they still
have a long way to go.

An honest reassessment of their own past would be a very good place to
start.  (When they abandoned Stalin/Hoxha in 1993-94, they simply blamed
everything on Stalin, announced their immediate conversion to
TonyCliffThought, were embraced by the British SWP, and pretended that the
CPNZ had never really been Stalinist anyway, which was somewhat
breath-taking as it had been one of the most rabid ultra-Stalinist groups
on the planet, still denouncing 'Trotskyites' as 'counter-revolutionaries'
into the early 1990s.)

I think until they come clean on their own party history they will continue
to make these kinds of mistakes and be caught out.

Philip Ferguson

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