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Graham said: < It reminds me of the 80s, when right-wing Tory MP Harvey Proctor
resigned after spanking a rent boy. The British SWP treated this as a minor
triumph in a bid to tap into the populist homophobia it unleashed. >   Is it
homophobic to point to the exploitative relationships that occur in male
prostitution? An exploitative relationship is unacceptable whether it is
straight or gay. Or is it OK to overlook unacceptable behaviour if the
perpetator happens to a member of an oppressed group?   Think of what that could
lead to -- it would be wrong to criticise what the Iranian or Afghan regimes do
to women, gays, leftists, etc, because the USA criticises those regimes -- it
would be wrong to condemn barbaric practices like female circumcision because
the places where it's done are oppressed nations -- the list is endless.   You
can count me out of this rotten liberalism.    Paul F    

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Re: NZ section of IST (the SWO)
One of the things that disturbed me about the SWO's 'public safety'
justification for the campaign against Bill Logan is the way it merges his
alleged beliefs about children consenting to sex with adults with his
voluntary work.
It's quite possible to hold an opinion - wrong ones included - without it
impacting on a professional role. I have a lot of criticisms of higher
education in Britain, but it doesn't disqualify me from working there from
time to time. Likewise, I disagree with a lot of what 'information society'
theorists suggest, but it doesn't stop me summarising these ideas fairly for
my sociology students.
If some advocates changing the law around adult/child sexual relations, the
point is to challenge this viewpoint in public, not run a campaign to sack
them on the grounds of potential threat to children.
The SWO might have a Stalinist past, as Phil F tells us, but if this is
anything to go by they've adopted the meat & veg of IS/SWP politics very
quickly, where you have greed (economics) and hypocrisy (politics) and
there's no distinction between public & private.
Graham B
Editor, Culture Matters CMCRC strand

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