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Wed May 31 06:42:38 MDT 2000

> From: Ambrose Andrews
> I'll be there if it's above five degrees and
> I haven't died from influenza or been evicted.
> I can only wish you luck with the Toowoomba
> public library.

At least there's a university in town.  There actually is a couple of
decent books in the town library, too.  One is Rabuka's account of the '87
coups, which includes stuff like the Operations Plan of the first coup,
which has an analysis of the political situation as he saw it.  The other
is an account by a journalist who was there, which at least has lots of
quotes from primary sources dealing with Fijian history, all the way back
to it being ceded to the British.

My main weak spot is the last ten years.  There's a lot of stuff about '87
and its aftermath, but Fiji seems to have vanished off everyone's radar
after that.

The situation itself seems pretty much a lost cause.  God knows what it
will do to whatever is left of the Fijian unions.  (I'm not even sure what
the '87 coups did to them, but it probably wasn't good).

Alan Bradley
alanb at elf.brisnet.org.au

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