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soil_ride: After I look back at what kind of life that Ilved, I realized this is what
Camus and Kafka's were writing about in their novels concerning existentialism. I
wasn't reading about it, I was living it.

CB: Many will have to follow a path out of ennui similar to the one that you did, if
we are to have a revolution. You should write out your political biography, your
development, more extensively

Are you talking about on the marxist mailing list?


CB: For yourself and for others who might learn from your experience.


 I really don't if I am capable of writing biogrophies of have written
stories that I feel are part of a biography on me...When i wrote them it was really a
way for me to concentrate my energies on using my mind as a tool and a way for me to
let my feelings out...
Maybe I will post one of my stories on here...thank you for your reply.

Power to all the people,

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