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Wed May 31 08:45:09 MDT 2000

Nestor wrote:

> By the way, what is at stake in Argentina now is not Argentina
> herself, which has become a third rate player in the Latin American
> game, but the Mercosur and Brazil. The USA are trying to use us as a
> backstabber against Brazil, and De la Rúa seems prone to accept that.

Yes, and the most tragic is that, since the Brazilian government has made neoliberal
adjustment programs the backbone of its own domestic policy, it *cannot* speak openly
against the Argentinian policies; the Brazilian bourgeois press and the Finance
Malan have been speaking these last days that the Argentianian adjustment is "needed"
Argentina is going "to resume growth". In a moment when the FHC government faces a
increasingly radicalizing strike of civil servants against 6 years of frozen wages, how
could it draw the obvious conclusion that, if  the maniacal zeal with which the
state has privatized, de-regulamentated and scrapped itself as an organized apparatus
cannot even ensure bromathological control of foodstuffs anymore (in Julio's
has failed, then the whole neoliberal scheme is an error and a swindle?

BTW, the convergence of the Argentinian quasi-collapse and of the growing
radicalization of
public opinion in Brazil against FHC - with the fiasco of the commemoration of the
anniversary, the civil servants strike, and  two incidents where the governor of São
was hit with a banner-pole during a manifestation and the Minister of Health had an egg
smashed on his face (things that lead the forner guerrilla Chaorman of the Presidency
declare in a rage that "A New Security Law is needed to deal with these types who have
undemocratic attitudes") - point to the need for closer contacts between national
movements in LA around a common programme of struggle, which shall be the main task
for all of us LA laft-wingers...

Carlos Rebello

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