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The Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC) and the Instituto de Historia de Cuba
are pleased to invite researchers, scholars, journalists, trade unionists,
information specialists, institutions, and organizations to participate at
the Fourth International Scholar Conference on May Day, to be held in La
Habana, on April 25, 26 and 27, 2001.

The purpose of the conference will be to provide analyses and debates on
workers' role, their past and challenges at present in this early century,
full of enormous challenges and difficulties to overcome.

This new conference will take place on the occasion of the 130 Anniversary
of the proclamation of the Commune of Paris.  During 72 days, the French
proletariat was the protagonist of events of heroism.  This fact was the
inspiration for workers' struggles worldwide.  The remembrance and analysis
of the happening in different countries on this event, therefore, will be a
matter of attention at the present conference.


*  Workers and changes in economic, political and social processes, and
domestic events as well, which nfluenced in the dynamics of its formation,
organization, and development.

*  International and domestic organizations and movements (trade union,
political, recreation, sport, cultural, solidarity, and other sort) created
by workers.

*  Struggles to remove discriminatory treatment against women, immigrants
and child labor.

*  The role of labour class as historic subject of social changes; its
structure and section distribution; evaluation f its living conditions; its
psychology; its job; and its leisure time.

*  Echo of international events in internal affairs of countries,
concerning political, ideological, and economic matters of workers.

*  Neoliberal globalization and its echo in the labour movement, in the
whole labour world.  And its effects on unemployment, wages, working
conditions, social welfare, night employment, lack of professional
qualification, and others.

Paper Presentations

Participants should deliver their papers not later than late January 2001.
Papers should be typed at double space.  If any audio-visual aid is
required, please specify this.

Papers should be no longer than fifteen pages.  Presentations should last
not more than fifteen minutes, plus ten minutes for debate.

The abstract should be no longer than 200 words, with the following
structure: title, author full name, and institution of employment, business
address, and brief curriculum vitae.

The conference will be structured on the basis of panels, papers,
conferences, communications, and posters.  The Organizing Committee will
determine the structure of conferences and panels.  This Committee will
also analyse proposals of the participants in advance.

The Organizing Committee will feel grateful extremely grateful to any
person, institution or mass media that discloses this call.


The subscription fee will be $40.00 USD for visitors and $30.00 Cuban pesos
for home participants.  This fee should be endorsed to the Organizing
Committee.  Payment includes participation at work sessions, documentation,
attendance certificate, and credentials.  Official languages will be
English and Spanish.

The Organizing Committee suggests lodging at:
Inglaterra Hotel * Fax (537) 33-8254
Deauville Hotel * Fax (537) 33-8148
CTC Hotel * Tel: 62-3030

These hotels are near the Instituto de Historia de Cuba, the venue of the
conference.  It is also suggested to contact the nearest local travel agency.

Centro de Estudios Filosoficos, Politicos y Sociales "Vicente Lombardo
Toledano" (Mexico)
Centro de Investigaciones de Ciencias Sociales (Argentina)
Programa de Investigacion sobre el movimiento de la sociedad argentina
Centro de Investigaciones en Ciencias Sociales (Argentina)
Instituto de Filosofia (Cuba)
Escuela Nacional de Cuadros "Lazaro Pen~a" (Cuba)
Museo Nacional de las Luchas Obreras (Cuba)

Contact Information:
Dr. Luis H. Serrano Perez
Instituto de Historia de Cuba
Palacio de Aldama
Amistad No 510 e/Reina y Estrella
Cuidad de La Habana, Cuba
Fax: (537) 635019 y 613545
Email: Serrano at

Lic. Agustin Lopez
Central de Trabajadores de Cuba
San Carlos y Pen~alver
Telefono: 70-3506
Fax: (537) 335408

Louis Proyect

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