[fla-left] [news] Detroit passes "anti-anarchist" laws(fwd)

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Wed May 31 12:00:03 MDT 2000

Yea, I was sitting here listening to them when they did it. Some of the restrictions
were rejected.

I get to think global and act local.

OAS, Imperialism in the Western Hemisphere.


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> US, Detroit passes "anti-anarchist" laws
> [Beneath this article: "After raucous debate, police are given guidelines to
> 'protect' community during Windsor conference"]
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> Date Mon, 29 May 2000 02:42:07 -0400
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>    Detroit- In hopes to intimidate and scare off upcoming protests against
> the OAS and FTAA meetings in Windsor the Detroit City Council on Friday
> passed 2 laws clearly geared at taking away people rights to assemble.
>    In a near secret meeting the council went over 4 proposals to limit the
> rights of demonstrators from June 1st thru 6th.  They ranged from not being
> allowed to have water bottles downtown to not being able wear masks and
> hoods.  Because of protesters presence and pressure on the council only 2 of
> the measures have passed.
>    It is now illegal on June 1st thru 6th to wear masks or hoods in the
> inner city, and it is illegal to fill small gas cans with gasoline unless an
> emergency requires it.  Both laws are under appeal.
>    The Detroit areas large Muslim population has also vowed to stand along
> side the protesters to have the laws overturned.
>    These laws have added to the increased harassment and intimidation that

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